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Use OpenVPN for Android for best results.. 😋

  • all ML freebies
  • all ML bundles
  • all ML promos
  • all ML everyday
  • all ML funpacks
  • ML10's
  • basta all ML kulit 😂
  • Singapore
  • DNS-type of Tunneling (meaning hindi siya Paskonek kahit Pasko na)
  • please take time for DNS to propagate to make an established connection
  • avoid Network Hopping if possible
  • may not work with 3G-powered Phones but works on 3g/4g/5g wifi's
  • paki-try na lang kung Low Ping, i don't play Games anymore 😂
  • meri xmas enge pamasko :)
  • kap00 | kap00


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